THE GREAT REVIVAL, KITALE KENYA, 29 September – 3 October 2016

Our purpose for going to Kitale, Kenya was to ignite believers, pastors and believers toward a passionate love for Jesus and an urgency to win the lost. The meetings were called the Great Revival. We were hosted by Apostle Reuben Wanyama the leader of God’s Grace and Compassion Ministries. Pastors from surrounding churches in the area and as far as Nairobi and Uganda attended the revival services. The time of ministry consisted of six revival services, which set many of the pastors and leaders on fire who attended. It was wonderful to hear the testimonies of the pastors who were ignited by the fire of God. Some Pastors reported that on the Sunday morning while preaching in their home church, the fire of God was evident in their preaching and reported that healings took place. Praise the Lord for the power of Holy Spirit! One particular pastor received a peculiar miracle. Not only did he receive the fire of God but he believed the Lord for the healing of his cow who couldn’t produce milk. God heard his cry and healed the cow. To many this might sound shallow, but for this pastor it was a miracle because the cow is part of his livelihood. With God all things are possible! As the days passed, each revival service was accompanied by an increase in God’s manifest presence which resulted in deliverance and healing. A lady who was unable to have children got delivered after a demon manifested, confessing that it had bound her womb. After commanding the demon to leave, it said, “I am untying her womb I’m leaving”. Hallelujah to Jesus for casting out devils! Other healings that took place were healing of the back, healing from ulcers and healing from a heart condition. All glory to Jesus! People were also baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. This was glorious!  The entire team was overwhelmed by the way our heavenly Father directed us to touch the desperate and hungry people of Kitale, Kenya. God chose to use us as His instruments of hope, love, deliverance and healing igniting the people of Kitale with the love-filled Gospel message of transformation.