Revive All Nations Gospel Crusade Tafelsig, Mitchells Plain, Cape Town, South Africa 8-11 Oct. 2015

The Revive All Nations Ministries team, headed by Evangelist Herman Snell recently had the privilege of taking the gospel to the precious people of Tafelsig in Mitchells Plain from the 8-11 October 2015. It was a glorious time of ministry as there were salvations of precious souls, young and old during each service of the crusade.

During the second evening of the Crusade, the Holy Spirit started moving in a tangible way as sinners came to Christ and believers were awakened. Believers repented from a spirit of worldliness which has infiltrated the church bringing about apathy and compromise. Those struggling with unforgiveness and bitterness quickly responded and repented.  One could hear by their cries, that the Holy Spirit was setting them free and bringing release from deep pain. One particular lady cried out to be set free from a drug called “tik” which is rampant in the Cape Flats area. During prayer for her she was touched and deeply remorseful as she was weeping. Jesus still sets the captives free!

Physical healing also took place. One lady testified that as she walked to the altar to receive healing, the pain in her back left immediately! One particularly moving experience was when Evangelist Herman Snell invited his 7 year old son and two of his close friends to pray for a lady called Gloria who had been confined to a wheelchair for many years due to a car accident. The children laid their hands on her and prayed with simple faith and compassion. Gloria’s miracle has been progressive. The first night she came to the crusade she had no feeling in her legs, but the following night, she testified that she had feeling in her legs. She put her faith into action by getting out of the chair without assistance. Previously she needed help to do this, but now she can do it on her own. She also got wonderfully saved! Through the week, there was salvation, backsliders coming to Jesus, including the caretaker and security guard who were on duty that night; there was healing, physically and emotionally, deliverance and the saints were revived! A big Hallelujah to Jesus!

On the Saturday afternoon, an outdoor meeting was held. A fearless, bold gospel message with the aid of props and drama by young people was preached. The atmosphere was electric, as young people, children and adults were wonderfully saved!

Each church ministry and their volunteers were a tremendous blessing, as each played a huge part in the success of the crusade. Team work indeed makes the dream work. To God be the glory for everything He did during each day and evening of the crusade. Hallelujah!